Friday, September 25, 2015

Perhentian Islands part 2

Focusing on all things yummy.

Our first night on the island and we were treated to a Blue Temple barbecue with volunteers, guests and Delilah of course.

A few days later we dressed up in sarongs especially for a traditional Malaysian meal in the home of Kak Ani. (Kak is a form of respectful address used by younger people when speaking to elders so strictly speaking we shouldn't have used it for our hostess.) Kak Ani welcomed us into her home where we sat on the floor and ate a delicious meal with our left hands. 

We enjoyed: squid and beans, fish-stuffed peppers (I really liked those) (well, actually I liked everything.), sweet and sour chicken, spicy beef, noodle soup and rice, followed by pancake and coconut and mango)
On our last day we ate lunch at Kak Ma's restaurant. At 44 ringgits for 6 people it cost just over £1 per person and was again delicious.
The lovely Kak Ma
It cost a lot more (and didn't taste any better) on the couple of occasions we ate dinner in the resort restaurant. 
Although the waiter couldn't get over how much we ate ...

On one occasion Younger Son cooked for us and I accompanied him to the local Tesco Express to buy the ingredients he needed.
The flash makes this interior view a lot brighter than it was in reality.
Award for favourite afternoon snack has to be the doughnuts cooked by the women of the village in the co-operative cafe they have opened. Although the red bean and fishy doughnuts were good the sugar-coated ones were still the best!

I think a sweet tooth is a peculiarly Malaysian thing. Traditional coffee in Malaysia is made very strong with condensed milk. An acquired taste but one of which Husband approved. 

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