Tuesday, June 09, 2015

This could be a bad week ...

Haven't weighed for a few weeks so this morning I decided I needed to give myself a scare and get on the scales. It worked. I jumped off in horror.

What with that and a second rejection for novel 4 that arrived yesterday the week is rapidly going downhill. I was going to say I can't do anything about the rejection - and that's true - but I can submit it elsewhere so have done so today! Fastest turnaround ever I believe. Usually it takes me longer to grieve.

And I can definitely do something about the creeping weight gain. But for that I really need the co-operation of the next agent on my list as a rejection inevitably leads to chocolate. In the meantime I'm cutting down on everything I like ...

It's a good job it's lovely weather and I live in a beautiful place.

I balanced precariously on the edge of a cliff to take this photo of a thistle with the sunlight reflected off the sea behind it.

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Rose said...

Good for you for sending off your manuscript right away to another publisher! Chocolate is my antidote for everything, too, which is why I stay off the scales:)