Monday, June 22, 2015

Project Bombard begins!

Having received two rejections in two days (Friday/Saturday) for novel 4 I decided I'd going to have to take this thing seriously or not at all. So on Saturday afternoon I sat down, went through a list of literary agents and chose three lucky winners, each of whom would receive one of my three unpublished novels.

In each case a synopsis, the first three chapters and an introductory email winged its way through the ether and is even now sitting on someone's computer waiting to be read/rejected/recognised for the wonder it is. 

And then we went for a walk that led us to Verdi's. I repeat: if I get fat I shall blame literary agents.

What are the odds of receiving three rejections on the same day? If that happens I shall make myself a Knickerbocker Glory. 

The other day I was remembering Fortes ice cream parlour in Mumbles when I was growing up. There was a display window at the entrance in which they had mock ice cream sundaes, including a Knickerbocker Glory, which took on an out-of-reach quality. Only the very rich would eat one of those surely? (According to this article the KG was 2s 3d.)

I seem to recall that a KG would include some tinned fruit cocktail. None of that in mine. Mine will be ice cream (probably Kelly's Cornish clotted cream and honeycomb), strawberries, bananas, cream, chocolate flake and chocolate buttons, all in lovely luscious layers.

Mmm, I might have to experiment with different combinations ...

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Trubes said...

Go For it Liz, bombard the bug....s,
until they give in,
Di xx