Monday, May 04, 2015

Our new princess

Daughter had been having false starts since last Wednesday and by Saturday delivery was a week overdue. I was on call to go and collect/look after the children when labour began in earnest so it wasn't a good time for our telephone landline to stop working.

I am notorious for never having a clue where my mobile is so Daughter nagged me. 'You are keeping your phone with you, aren't you?'
'And switched on?'

What I didn't discover until much later was that although my phone was on, it was on mute.

So when she rang us at 12.55 am we were asleep and didn't answer. Nor did we reply at 1.15, which was when she tried texting me. And then texting Husband who has the hearing of a ninja mole so he registered the tinkly ping of a message being received.

This was a call for SuperGranny! I was out of bed, dressed and on the road in minutes. Of course I left my bag of essentials (bed-socks, jimjams and woolly cardi) behind and it was only thanks to automatic pilot - and empty roads - that I got there before I woke up.

The children were asleep upstairs so it was my job to go up and make sure everyone stayed up there. I'd just made myself a little nest and was settling down when GrandDaughter woke up. And spent the next 2 hours chatting to me with me responding extra loudly when the moans from downstairs grew particularly audible.

At 3.30 Son-in-law came up to invite us down to meet Baby who'd been born 15 minutes earlier.

It's amazing how awake and happy it is possible to be at such a ridiculous hour of the morning after very little sleep. I even got to hold her while she had her vitamin injection - and her big sister held her hand for it.

New GrandDaughter weighed in at a whopping 8 lb 14 oz. She was born in the birth pool and both mother and daughter are doing brilliantly.

And, incidentally, GrandSon2 slept right through everything!

P.S. GrandDaughter2 was born just 3 hours too late to be able to claim the special silver coin signifying that she was born on the same day as Princess Charlotte. I was rather glad about that: our princess is too special to be the same as anyone else.


MaryB said...

Welcome, little one! Marvelous adventures ahead!

Katney said...


Liz Hinds said...

Thanks both. We're all thrilled obviously.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Oh , congratulations to you all !!
Lovely news .

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