Friday, May 22, 2015

A missionary to the natives

'Have you ever done mission work?'
'Only in Swansea.'

I don't think that was considered the right answer by the person asking me. I suspect mission work for them meant abroad, preaching to the natives.

At the end of the gospel according to Matthew, Jesus tells his followers to go and make disciples of all nations. He doesn't pick out a few of his followers for this task but addresses them all and I believe his words are still relevant today and for all of us wherever we are.

In our lives we have the opportunity to set an example. By the way we treat others, talk to them, behave with them: this is surely everyday ordinary mission work. As Francis of Assisi is alleged to have said, 'Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.'

Sadly I am very aware of how often I fail to follow Jesus' lead, and I let him and those around me down. But that doesn't stop me trying.


Robyn Lee said...

At least you try, Liz.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'm sure you never let Him down, Liz.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It is all about the example one sets , really . Even simple things like waiting for the green light when crossing the road are important ... it's no use expecting children to do it if we don't .
Showing simple kindness and courtesy in daily life is 'every day mission work' .

Suburbia said...

Trying is all we can do :)

Liz Hinds said...

I hope I try, Robyn, but I certainly God down sometimes, Pat.
I agree, sonata; I always wait for the Green man too. And you're right that daily life is mission work.
And sometimes I'm very trying, Sub!

Emilylee Emilylee said...

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