Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Other Woman causes another argument

I was ecstatic!

'I set the sat nav all by myself and it got me to the right place!' I couldn't wait to tell Husband as soon as I got in through the door.
'Well done.' He patted me on the shoulder.
'Although she's either a dozy bint or she's in the pay of an oil company because she sent me on two completely unnecessary detours.'
Husband looked at me, unable to conceal his disbelief.
'She did!' 

And I explained. 'She told me to turn left at Dyfatty lights and then left again and then right and right again, bringing me back straight back down to the lights where she told me to go left. Then she told me to go left again. Followed by right, right and left. Here, look, I'll draw it for you.'

'See? I could have gone straight on at the lights and just taken the second left.'
Husband still wasn't convinced. 'Are you sure she didn't say "prepare to turn left"? And then you turned left too soon?'
'No, she definitely said turn left.' I must have hesitated slightly as Husband looked at me doubtfully again. 'Are you absolutely sure?'
'Don't you dare take her side against me!'

There's only one thing for it: we're going to have to go and do the trip again, although she'll probably be on her best behaviour if Husband is in the car.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Yes , she's cunning !

nick said...

"These satnavs, they drive you bonkers, guv. I had that Lady Gaga in the back of my cab yesterday...."