Monday, January 12, 2015

Paddington in the Grand Budapest Hotel

It seems we are ahead of the crowd for once!

Today we've learned that The Grand Budapest Hotel won Best Comedy Golden Globe; on Saturday we watched the dvd, it being one of Husband's meticulously researched choices for Christmas presents for me.

And it was jolly good. Gentle, entertaining, intriguing, wonderful scenery and the feeling that no-one is taking themselves too awfully seriously. And all at a relaxed pace. It had the feel of the Coen Brothers about it I felt.

Then on Sunday I took GrandDaughter to the cinema to see Paddington. Another lovely film. And Paddington is so real! You just accept him as a talking bear that it's nothing especially out of the ordinary for him to be wandering around London.

The music in it was also brilliant. Every now and then the scene includes a calypso busker band. I can't find a clip including them unfortunately but enjoy this trailer anyway.

At one point all was quiet in the cinema and all that could be heard was Granddaughter's little voice shouting, 'No, no!' as Paddington was going with the baddie (although he didn't know that at the time).

P.S. I haven't been to the cinema for a long time so was shocked to find that 2 tickets plus 2 ice creams cost me over £20.


Katney said...

I had to go check my London pictures--it was not a Calypso band we saw on the Millennium Bridge--I thought it might have been a one man band, but it was a guy with a steel drum.

Rose said...

I hadn't even heard of The Grand Budapest Hotel until the Oscar nominations came out. Will have to check this one out--sounds like something I would definitely enjoy. I'm hoping I can take youngest grandson to see "Paddington," but he's more into Transformers and superheroes, even at age 3. If not, I may have to borrow a child so I can see it:)