Sunday, January 04, 2015

"I thought about buying you ..."

a) A camera. That was the first thing Husband suggested as my Christmas present and I turned it down! Much as I would like a fancy camera with a proper view-finder so I can see what I'm taking a photo of, I figured that a clever camera wouldn't actually improve my photography and that the one I have is adequate for my needs. 

b) A new food processor/mixer. I've had my current one almost as long as we've been married and the bowl is starting to crack. (Make up your own jokes here.) 'But I thought you'd want to be involved in choosing it so I didn't,' he said.

c) A small furry pet. (Again, insert own jokes.) My great-aunt asked me to call in and collect 'the hamster,' (my word not hers) leading Husband to tell me of his thinking-outside-the-box present ideas. Sadly he discarded this one as it 'would be too much of a bind.'

So resorting to more usual present ideas he did some meticulous research into films 'Liz might like' and came up with five dvds, one of which we watched last night. 

Last Vegas stars Robert de Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline as old friends who take a trip to Las Vegas for the bachelor party for the only remaining bachelor, Billy (Michael Douglas), who is marrying a girl less than half his age. It's not a huge dramatic tale nor are there any especially hilarious scenes, but the characters are lovely, the humour is gentle - and funny. I very much enjoyed it. So it's a tick for the first one on the list; I'll let you know how I fare with his other choices.


Jay said...

That sounds like our house! Neither of us really know what to buy anymore. After 38 years, and with us having most of what we really want or need, it's tough. I resort to trying to find fun gifts (like, one year, a felt mermaid - a caricature, and very definitely topless, which made him laugh) or something I know he likes, like a good quality rum. He buys me vouchers, or tickets to a show, or lots of small, interesting things, like chocolate covered figs stuffed with cointreau flavoured truffle. But we ALWAYS have the 'I thought about buying you ...' conversation!

Thanks for the movie recommendation. That sounds right up my street!

Liz Hinds said...

It's true, Jay, we don't need anything - and if we want something during the year we just buy it!