Saturday, January 10, 2015

An embarrassing incident at the Post Office

Nuora's father in Italy likes British tea and Nuora and Younger Son took some over with them when they went but asked me if I could send some more. I duly bought two 1kg bags of teabags (that were on special offer).

I didn't have any brown paper so, taking sealing tape, a scissors, the address and a pen with me, I headed off for the PO to but some wrapping paper. Instead I saw a flat-pack box that was an ideal size. Putting out of my head all those boxes that arrived and that we threw away before Christmas I waved it at the woman behind the counter to explain I intended to pay for it all together. She nodded and watched as I set about putting the box together. (It was a quiet time.)

First put on glasses. Next study pictorial instructions on side. 'Okay, that looks ... straightforward-ish. First I put B here. No wait, where's A? There isn't an A in the picture. What am I supposed to do with A? Oh flip. well, how does that stay together then? ... No, that's E. ... But if that's E, where's C?'

And so on. And, yes, I am, I realise, saying these things aloud. Not that woman behind counter rushes to my aid. 

Eventually ... drum roll, trumpet call ... I have a box. I pack it, seal it with extra tape, write on the address and take it to the counter.
'What's in the parcel?' the woman asks - even though she watched me fill it.
'Where's it going?'
'That'll be £35.'

And that's the cheap option. I don't bother. I'll suggest to YS that Father-in-law goes to St Mark's Square in Venice (allegedly the most expensive cafes in the world). Even with the travel costs for him it would be cheaper.

So I leave the Post Office still laden and £1.99 (being the cost of the box) worse off .

I pass an elderly gentleman going in the opposite direction. As I walk on I hear a rustling noise and glance back to see he has dropped a piece of paper. I look again and see it's a £10 note. I turn around, hurry before the wind takes it into the traffic - I might be a saint but I don't want to be a dead one - and pick it up - not an easy job with parcel in hand and legs that hurt like crazy when I bend, then hurry after the gentleman who is proving to be surprisingly fast on his feet. 

He is grateful leaving me with a nice warm feeling, proving that Random Acts of Kindness are good for you.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps order it on line? Delivery to Australia is often only about £2 or nil when I do that

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

35 Pounds!!!! That is beyond belief .. disgusting in fact.

Liz Hinds said...

Good idea, anonymous!

It shook me, anne!

nick said...

Even better, Nuora's father can go direct to and they have a huge selection of tea, including English Breakfast Tea.