Thursday, September 18, 2014

If at first you don't succeed ...

Have now printed out the first 50 pages of novel 2, a synopsis and cover letter to try another publisher - most agents accept email submissions these days but this is a small Welsh old school publisher.

Am I mad? Is it worth wasting the postage? One more try. I say that every time ...

I have been doing what writers do i.e. procrastinate. I've tidied my desk and even sorted through the old leaflets and assorted paraphernalia on the noticeboard. So now I'm all ready and have the tidy space to enable me to concentrate on writing.

Except I think I might have a shower now. So far today I've managed to avoid it in spite of getting a healthy glow during circuit training. I waited so long for my body to cool down before showering that it wasn't worth doing it before going swimming. And then when I came home I meant to shower but somehow ended up cleaning the bottom of the oven. (Not something I ordinarily do but the burned-on layer was getting beyond belief.)

Ooh, perhaps I'll eat some strawberries first.

I was browsing through some blogs listed by bloggers I visit: there are some jolly intelligent bloggers out there, some of whom specialise. But I didn't come across one I liked enough to re-visit.  I lost several blogs off my list when I changed the template and I do feel though that I need to widen my circle.

I wonder if specialisation is the way ahead. Possibly but not for me with my butterfly brain.


mrsnesbitt said...

I wont be regarded as an intelligent blogger......just a rambler.

Katney said...

A lot of cleaning gets done because of procrastination and I think that is a good thing.

I got the supply room halfway cleaned today, not because I was procrastinating today but because I locked my keys and laptop in the car and had to wait for himself to return from the cancer center to rescue me. I had procrastinated the project, but now I may be on a roll. I still have to get the class files up to date. I have the laptop here, but the flash drive and paper lists there, so I can procrastinate and read blogs and play scrabble.

Liz Hinds said...

And that's why i like your blog, mrs N!

Being on a roll is a good thing too, Katney. You achieve a lot then.

Trubes said...

Oooh! I see I'm at the top of your list, more like good luck than good measure!
Errm! if you know what I mean!
Time for a mid day nap... able to I've not been able to blog much due to the blessed back and crazy head due to morphine intake ...
Good luck with your new book, if it's half as good as your last one it's bound to be a best seller!
love Di..xx

Robyn Lee said...

You have nothing fear from me regarding intelligence! And my blog will continue to be me just rambling about my day and the cats! Hopefully not boring the wits out of my few loyal readers.

Rose said...

It's always worth one more try! Who knows, this might be THE one who realizes you're a great writer, Liz.

I realized that I am one of those specialized bloggers, and I appreciate that you have stuck with me as a reader. But the only reason I started focusing on just gardening is that the rest of my life was pretty boring:)