Friday, August 01, 2014

I'm so lucky to have Husband really I am

Before I went out Wednesday morning Husband said, 'Shall we go and look at some new garden furniture this afternoon?'

A variety of visitors over the previous few days had shown up the flaws in our current outdoor seating, namely, anyone sitting down was taking a chance. Husband and I had perfected methods of sitting at just the right angle to prevent chairs collapsing but having to explain that to all and sundry ...

So, when I got back at lunchtime, it was under the impression that we'd be off to B&Q to buy some new furniture - hopefully the summer sale would have started.( Not that we're mean or anything.) Imagine my surprise/delight then to get home to find Husband in the process of turning 6 broken chairs into 4 bionic ones. 

'What about the table?'
'I'll paint that and it'll be fine.'

Oh good. Husband is so handy. I am really lucky to have him. I tell myself this regularly.

On the left, rebuilt; on the right, discarded - but he'll have to keep the wood - just in case ...


Leslie: said...

Maybe he'll buy you a gift with the $ he saved! LOL

Mike Tea said...

Year, I thought it might be something like that.

Liz Hinds said...

In my dreams, leslie!

Indeed, Mike.