Sunday, August 10, 2014

I am a failure as a woman

I first began to have my doubts about my womanliness when I read about the Wife of Noble Character written about (undoubtedly by a man) in the book of Proverbs. If you're not familiar with her you might like to read the passage yourself (it's roughly midway through the bible) but I wouldn't advise it if you're female and have anything less than supreme self-confidence and hold yourself in high esteem. Let's just say she is a paragon of womanly virtue and ability. You can see why I began to have doubts.

Then this very morning listening to the radio in the car I heard this little gem:

I fear it would be hard to under-estimate this woman's touch. As Willy Wonka sang in the next song they played, 'It's what you're not that makes what you are.' 

Now excuse me, I must go and reupholster the sofa before I cook a cordon bleu dinner for my Lord and Master.


nick said...

I suspect a tongue firmly in your cheek. I suspect you don't care two hoots about the absurd standards set by some Biblical character or famous actress. You'll just keep right on doin' your thang.

katney said...

The times they are a-changing. There are other characteristics that the modern "worthy wife" must uphold and I am sure you have most of them covered. ("Worthy wife" is the translation that I remember, but I cannot find it in a search. I will go read Proverbs till I find it later.)