Thursday, August 14, 2014


Today I accompanied a pregnant young woman to hospital for the heart of her unborn baby to be checked by a foetal heart specialist. Two previous scans had shown it to have three instead of the four chambers.

I prayed for a miracle today, that the fourth chamber would be seen and normal. Even as I prayed I knew in my heart that, although I know God can and does perform miracles, I didn't expect this one.

Today's very thorough, very detailed scan showed the heart to be quite normal.

I'm sorry, God, and thank you.

And, yes, I know it's possible to explain this away medically but my prayer was answered either way.

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katney said...

Don't let your faith flag. I am very glad that the miracle you sought was the one you got. God answers prayer.

But God provides some miracles that we can't even recognize at first. Or maybe for a long time.

Our special needs granddaughter is one. As my daughter says, we got our little girl, but we go to therapy instead of ballet. And more patient and caring teenagers you have never seen than her brothers.