Monday, June 30, 2014

Not running for health

On our walk this morning I saw a young fit woman running with her dog. I said to George, 'We should be doing that to get rid of our podgy tums.'
George stared at me for a moment and then said, 'You start, I'll follow.'
'Hm,' I pondered. 'I'd better not as I haven't done my warm-up exercises. I have circuit training tonight and I don't want to damage myself.'

I was really hoping he wouldn't mention the fact that as we'd just walked through the wood, up the hill and over the top into the park, I was probably already warmed up. At least if the sweating and panting was anything to go by.

Fortunately he didn't. He's too smart for that.

It was all right for him: he could cool down in the stream afterwards.


Leslie: said...

Don't feel bad 'cuz you "can" run. I can't - never have been able. I remember being in Grade 10 and having to run 1/4 mile around the track and only made it halfway before my lungs felt like they were going to fall out of my chest. I walked across the field back to the teacher and said "I'm done." lol

Trubes said...

Who runs these days when one has a motorised wheel chair ha ha!
I really wish I could.
I used to play hockey into my twenties then Badminton until I was 40ish, swimming each week... then whoosh....hit early 50's well everyone knows the rest! However, as Leslie has explained she wasn't cut out to be an athlete, neither was I...
playing hockey on a usually soft pitch is much easier on the joints than pounding a hard track or even worse, streets!

Rose said...

You were wise not to run, Liz. I've never been a runner, but my excuse nowadays is that it's much too hard on the joints. Wouldn't want to risk a knee injury:) Seriously, I think walking is the best exercise anyway.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I did loads of sport at school , hurdles, long jump , etc, then played badminton , cycled but I cannot run as they say now "off for a run" , but according to one of my friends (not any more though) is that everyone can run .. Wrong , they can't. So don't feel bad about it Liz, you do other things to keep fit. :-)

Liz Hinds said...

I think we're all agreed that running isn't good for you!

Robyn Lee said...

Nah! I don't believe in's bad for my health! I prefer walking, yoga or tai chi...much more gentle. If I run, I feel as if every organ inside me ends up in the wrong place!

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