Sunday, June 29, 2014

In which I do something very unusual (for me)

Saturday began early - by 7.25 am I was home having been to Sainsburys! (As I write this it's 11.39 on Sunday morning and I'm still in my nightie and about to have my third cup of tea - and that is much more the norm for me.)

I was hosting a Zac's Ladies' Day and the busyness of the week had meant that I'd been unable to prepare very much, hence the early morning trip to the shop. (Which, incidentally, was very empty making shopping a doddle. I may have to do it regularly at that time.) (Yes, I can see that happening.)

I'd woken at 5 thinking about what I needed to do and again at 6 at which point I thought I might as well get up and do it. But we had a lovely day including a trip to the pier and on to the beach, and, of course, the obligatory ice cream at Verdi's.

The new lifeboat station is open so we called in to take a look at the shiny new boat.

It is incredible that the RNLI is funded entirely by donations and manned by volunteers (apart I think from the coxswain). And there are many sailors who have cause to be grateful for it.

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nick said...

It's good to know the RNLI is still going, still rescuing people and hasn't yet been wiped out by some absurd government regulation or clamp-down.