Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Marilyn Monroe and I have in common

My #100happydays photo for today is this:
I found the soap when I was having a cull of my clothes' drawers. My mother gave it to me for one of her last Christmases, probably about 1970. She apologised for not being able to afford to buy me the perfume; this was the best she could manage.

At that time - I was 18 - I didn't appreciate Chanel. I was more into Aqua Manda and Charlie (and they were cheap! Comparatively.) But I said thank you and, rather than waste it by actually using it, I popped it in my knicker drawer so it would scent my clothes. (Do people still do that today? Young people I mean, not those of us who grew up with these habits passed on from our mothers.) I don't think it ever actually made my clothes smell nice. I suppose taking it out of the box might have helped ... Anyway, I still have it and, as I say, I came across it today.

On the right is the bottle of Chanel No. 5 that Husband gave me last Christmas. It's unopened still because Uncle John also gave me a bottle, remembering that I'd said it was my favourite. And it is but unfortunately I don't think it can be smelled on me. Do you know what I mean? It's only when my hands and wrists get warm, for example if they're in hot water, that the perfume seems to be released so that I can smell it. Maybe others do smell it on me but when I ask Husband he can't. (Not that that necessarily should be considered too seriously.)

But I love it and knowing I'm wearing it makes me happy even if no-one else can smell it!


katney said...

I can't smell perfumes at all--only the base, not the scent. The base clogs up my nose.

Liz Hinds said...

How do you know that, Katney?

Shirley Davis said...

Do you smell your perfume when you immerse yourself in hot water or when you are metaphorically in the stuff through some or no fault of your own?

I am with you on this - I am so pleased with myself when I spray it in the enclosure of ensuite, then it disappears for the rest of the day/night. Where does it go? Possibly up hubby's (mine, not yours) hooter for he often has sneezing fits of huge magnitude. Perhaps these medical bods should cease testing alergies with egg, dust, soap, pollen etc and use Chanel, Dior, Max Factor, M&S and Avon.

Aqua Manda - what a blast from my past that one is! I think I imbibed the stuff through my skin pores. It's been rereleased - did you see, Liz? Aqua Manda

Ole Phat Stu said...

Over here, people maintain that Chanel No.5 was put in the royal drawers(sic!) and used to scent the Emperor's clothes ;-)

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