Tuesday, April 22, 2014

George is a wimp

When we take a path unfamiliar to George he likes to let me go first. He did so today and as I was walking I said, 'You don't know, George, the monsters could be watching us and working out that you're the soft touch and they'll pick you off from the back.'

As I said that I turned around to see him and, yikes! He'd disappeared!

Then he came trotting from the corner. Phew!

* * * * * * * * *

On Saturday I invited the Barham Babes to come to Caswell cafe in the evening for a ukelele gig. 'What time?' they wanted to know.
'I don't know. We'll just turn up.'

Big mistake. We turned up and the cafe was closed and shuttered.

So change of plan. We drove to Langland, had a little walk around the cliffs and then enjoyed coffee/hot chocolate/tea and cake in the cafe there.

Ffion had done something ridiculous like run a marathon earlier in the day so grumbled when I made them keep walking until we reached a suitable point to take photos. (But she's smiling and that's an achievement.)

Two women walking by stopped and one said, 'Would you like us to take a photo of you all together?'
'Oh yes, please.'
I gave her the camera, which she then handed to her friend saying, 'You're better at taking photos than I am.'
We posed and the friend took our photo. Then she said, 'I'll take another one to be sure.'

So it's very odd that, on checking when I got home, there were no photos on the camera of the three of us. It's not that they were blurry or she'd cut off our heads: they just weren't there.

But the custard slice was very nice.


Leslie: said...

Obviously she didn't wait for the click - too bad!

katney said...

That is so strange. She must not have pressed the shutter button, or as Leslie says, she didn't press it far enough. I do that all the time--offer to take pictures for people so they can all be in the photo. I always have them look at the image on the camera before we part, though, to make sure I don't cut off head and such. My sis always ALWAYS cut off heads. We figure it was because she was short.

Liz Hinds said...

It was a shame but not to worry, Leslie.

You mean you teased her that it was because she resented everyone else being tall, Katney?!!