Monday, March 31, 2014

When there's no-one else to argue with

I was arguing with myself this morning. Well, I had no-one else to talk to in work.

In the run-up to Mother's Day I searched t'internet for quotes and cartoons appropriate for the weekly notices and naturally I was distracted by loads of self-help type quotes. You know the ones. They're to be found in abundance on pinterest and facebook. So I'm yeah, yeah, (there should be a like in there somewhere, shouldn't there?) I know but this morning one of them was haunting me. 

I say one of them; it wasn't actually one, more an amalgamation of several all saying basically the same thing. But now I come to write it down I can't think what it was exactly. Perhaps I made it up, perhaps I ... what's the word? Extrapolated, that's it. Extrapolated from other quotes. 

In which case I should be a therapist and have my quote recorded for posterity. Are you ready? Here it is:
If you tell yourself you're rubbish then you'll start to believe you.

So back to this morning, I'd done something stupid - nothing unusual there - and I was walking up the stairs telling myself I was stupid. Which was when I began the argument. 
'I'm stupid.'
'No, you're not.'
'Yes, I am.'
'No, you did something stupid but that doesn't make you stupid.'

It's a good theory. if only I can keep it up.

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