Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's not you it's me

After breakfast in bed served by Husband I took George for a walk while Husband went to Sainsburys to buy the ingredients to cook my Mother's Day meal. He is a lovely man who spoils me.

So while walking I decided I'd pray for the people in Zac's (and it took me the whole walk to cover everyone). What was interesting was that in some cases I realised I was the one who needed prayer because it was my attitude to people that needed changing. I need patience with the one who irritates me and a way of responding to the one who tells sexist jokes without simply blanking him - probably not the most effective way of dealing with it.

There is someone with a variety of problems and potentially a threat who comes now and again to the bible study but who, last Tuesday, was ... different. If you're a pray-er, please pray that the tiny flicker of hope is fanned into a huge blaze of change.

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Suburbia said...

You do a sterling job there Liz, no one's perfect and sometimes people just bring out the wrong thing in us?