Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A baking frenzy

You may remember that a few weeks ago I made a birthday cake for Steve Porter.
Two days later he had a heart attack.

Last week he had a piece of the birthday cake I'd made for others.
This time his tooth fell out.

I am not going to let him eat any more of my cake. I cannot be responsible for his well-being.

This week we have tray-loads of cranberry and chocolate cookies for Zac's. I also made a teisen lap for Nigel, the winner of the raffle prize, a cake a month for a year. Except it's not really a teisen lap, which means cake on a plate.
The birthday cake from last week was the very hungry caterpillar - did you recognise it? Minus its deely-boppers in that shot as I didn't have any pipe cleaners. I had to stop at the newsagents on the way to Zac's and pay £1.99 for a pack of 50 when I only wanted one. I was so irritated that I forgot where I'd parked the car and went the wrong direction. Sadly my creative attempts were unappreciated at Zac's as very few people there knew about the very hungry caterpillar. I'm wasted I tell you.

(No, unappreciated is the wrong word; people appreciated my cake just asked, 'What? Why?')


katney said...

Make the caterpillar for the grandkids some time. They will appreciate it. Now that you have the pipe cleaners, may I suggest that licorice whips--the skinny kind--would make good antennae.

Liz Hinds said...

They would have done, Katney! Bother, I didn't think of that.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I've lost track of how many times I read the Very Hungry Caterpillar at work over the years , so I couldn't eat a Caterpillar cake . It"d be like eating one of the family !