Friday, February 21, 2014

An eventful few days

The leaders had invited me to explain to the church my reasons for taking time out/leaving Linden and to pray for me. I was quite scared about being prayed for: standing up the front - what if no-one wanted to pray for me? Yes, I know that's unlikely but worry is irrational.

Anyway come Sunday morning Chris called me forward and I began to speak, starting by saying that the last thing Husband had said to me before I'd set off for church was, 'Just relax - and don't say anything stupid.' Trouble is the more relaxed I was the more likely I was to say something stupid ...

But it didn't look as if I'd get the chance to say anything much stupid or wise when mid-explanation the fire alarm went off.

Everyone looked at each other and I muttered something along the lines of, 'could someone turn that off, please?' Eventually after some looking at each other the leaders and trustees decided that we really should evacuate until the building had been checked. So out we all trooped. 

When it had been confirmed that it was a false alarm - and I'd gone back in to explain how to switch off the alarm - everyone returned and Chris summoned me back out the front. Personally I felt that it was a sign that everyone should leave Linden ...

In spite of my anxiety the being prayed for bit was really rather nice and comforting and supportive. So that was that.

Coincidentally my annual staff review had been scheduled in here. Because of my decision things were now a little up in the air so we've agreed that we'll meet again in two weeks having thought about what we/I want to do. Watch this space ...

Off to Devon for GrandSon2's second birthday.
The sun was shining so it seemed an ideal opportunity to eat ice cream on the quay at Exeter. My suggestion unsurprisingly. Followed by a birthday tea and chocolate cake.

Took the grandchildren swimming and then pottered before returning home. All was well until midnight. From then on I spent the time mostly with my head down the toilet. You'd think your body would realise when there was nothing left to come up, wouldn't you? That'll teach me to share straws and drinks with children who've just got over a tummy bug. 

Felt very sorry for myself and slept most of the day. Woken at lunchtime by the bottles on the bedroom sink rattling. In my bleary state I thought it was George, creeping around looking for me and bumping into things. Turned out it was an earth tremor.
Resisted a strong craving for eggs and chips in the evening.

Feeling as if I've been kicked in the stomach by a carthorse. Not ill very often and don't cope well with it. Still have this craving but now it's for poached eggs on toast. Think I might be able to manage some in a little while. Perhaps I should paint big white cross and hang it on the gate. Unclean, unclean! 

Sympathy please. 


Rose said...

Oh dear, I do hope you're feeling better, Liz! Little ones are good at spreading the stomach bug, but it's certainly no fun for anyone. Hope you're back to your old self soon so that you can enjoy your time with the grandkids.

Shirley Davis said...

No need to plea for sympathy - oodles here for you. If you have not yet had the poached eggs, desist. Something like toast soldiers with Marmite is called for. Up the ante only if and when soldiers stay where you've posted them.

Lots of love, from afar - that's near enough for now, thanks Liz. When bugless, you may have a (((((cuddle)))))

PS We live north of Bristol but the earth didn't move for us. No explanation called for, thanks xx

Leslie: said...

Oh poor you! I hate that nauseated feeling and even worse the coming up of such. Take it easy, rest, drink lots of tea and juice and you'll soon be back to your old self. You haven't lost your sense of humour, though. :D

Liz Hinds said...

I am, thanks, Rose.

Maybe you're so used to the earth moving you didn't notice, shirl?

It's mostly gone now, leslie, thankfully, just leaving me with a bruised achy feeling. Which is an improvement!

Shirley Davis (crafter) said...

Cheeky! Clearly feeling better. Thank God for that, Liz xx

CherryPie said...

I hope you are feeling better now.

Robyn Lee said...

That bug you picked you picked up sounds horrible. I hope your tummy has settled down again and you are back to your usual self. Hugs and belated sympathy xo

Ole Phat Stu said...

RE: Sunday/Monday

Don't let them browbeat/guiltbeat you into doing something you no longer want to do!

Trubes said...

Hi Liz, I hope you are fully recovered from your bug,xx
Just to let you know I have kick started my blog again, hope you'll drop by.

love di..xx