Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Taking one day at a time

Some time before Christmas when life was crazy I said, 'If I can get through Christmas then things will calm down.' You knew I was living in a dream world, didn't you?

So, after a few hectic days Husband and I are going to SA3 bistro in Mumbles tonight to take advantage of the voucher my uncle gave us for Christmas. We went there for Nuora's birthday lunch and it was very nice so my mouth is watering already - and it's only half past three.

Yesterday I was in the prison all day on a training course so I can help on the next Sycamore Tree (restorative justice) course. The trainer was very good and it was an interesting day but I must learn to speak up. When I eventually pluck up my courage to say something in a group nobody hears me. And that is very disheartening.

Then it was off to lead Zac's in the evening. Another  good discussion and peaceful evening (I'm beginning to get used to this) where we said congratulations and goodbye to Cheryl (following successful completion of her Masters she's off back to Malaysia).
My first plan for the cake was to make a model of a graduate but she ended up looking more like a witch so I took the simpler way out with mortar board and certificate.


Leslie: said...

Simple elegance is what I strive for - and you've certainly succeeded here. Lovely girl. What was her Masters in?

Liz Hinds said...

Abnormal and Clinical Psychology!