Wednesday, January 22, 2014

He fought the mouse - and the mouse won

I think I've mentioned that we helped Younger Son and Nuora to buy a house to rent out while they're living in Malaysia. Husband, and since he finished his job in November, YS, (and Nuora's dad and brother when they were over here) have been working hard to renovate it ever since. One problem Husband hadn't anticipated was that the shower wouldn't work. He ventured into the loft to find out what was wrong and he discovered this:
The water had apparently been turned off because the pipes had been gnawed through. That was back in December.

Husband ordered four mouse-traps and set them with biscuit as bait. When he returned to check, the biscuits had gone. He's since tried a variety of bait including raisins, which proved to be the most successful resulting in the capture of one mouse, but it seems they are cunning little devils.

We have been encouraging him to get some humane traps - Younger Son even offered to make one based on the design he used very successfully when in student accommodation - but for some reason Husband is resisting. However I can't help thinking he's running out of options.


katney said...

Peanut butter has always worked for us.

And cats.

Anna said...


(You asked for this -)It should read: "Husband and, since he stopped working in November, YS have been...".

Liz Hinds said...

I've suggested borrowing a cat, katney.

Yes, I asked for that, Anna.

Anonymous said...

Humane traps and peanut butter - always been my favourite and successful solution

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Yup , they love peanut butter ... and raw bacon , apparently .
The room YD had , when she was a student , was over run by mice . A local ironmonger recommended finding the cracks in the skirting and stuffing them with steel wool . "They can't get in through that " , he said . And they didn't .