Monday, January 27, 2014

Conversation with a dog

'Oh look, George, that's an unusual bird.'
'That's not a bird; it's a leaf. Get your glasses on, you blind old bat.'
'Hey, less of the old, please.'
'You said it.'

There's not much I could say to that.
Actually I may be a deaf old bat too.

A man and his dog approached us. The dog ran ahead to say hello to George and the man, as he passed me, said, 'Panyatatail?'
There wasn't much I could say to that either so I just smiled.


Trubes said...

You are so funny Liz xx

Robyn Lee said...

Conversations with one's pets can leave one questioning life in general not just shortsightedness or suspected deafness. Bella tells me incredible stories at times and can also be extremely lippy with me. I get the odd insult, too...something we obviously have to put up with from these furkids.

katney said...

The only comments our furkids make are "Are you going to feed us or what?" 55656632 82