Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Am I seeking approval?

This afternoon I followed a link from a tweet about what we put on social media. By the time I had read it I was feeling thoroughly disheartened.

It was about 5 questions to ask before you tweet.

1. Am I seeking approval? Probably, yes.
2. Am I boasting? Sometimes, yes.
3. Am I discontent i.e. envious of others? No, not usually.
4. Do I really need to share this special moment? I have been known to take photos for the purpose of Facebooking them rather than living in the moment.
5. Is it kind? A sore point at the moment after being told off for something considered unkind.

Instant reaction was to immediately condemn myself and decide to give up facebook. But I stopped and went through my old posts. In most of them the only person I am making fun of is myself so that's all right - or is it? We all know that what I'm really doing is trying to show myself in a good light, as someone who's not really stupid but fun and intelligent enough to be aware and write creatively enough to amuse and make people like me. So it's back to question 1.

But does it really matter? Don't we all want approval? No, actually I don't think Husband cares what others think of him. He is confident and happy enough in himself to not care. And I know I shouldn't care or do things in an effort to make people like/approve of me, but I do. 


Ole Phat Stu said...

Well do something altruistic then, e.g. for your blogreaders.

Suggestion: This summer drive the 35 miles west to Pendine Sands, site of former world speed record attempts, and race George through the speed trap.

If there is no speed trap any more, take some photos in the museum please.

Blog article with photo requested :-)

Robyn Lee said...

Do you know what, Liz? Who cares what others think of's their problem. You keep on the way you're going...I love your blog, your FB statuses and you!

Liz Hinds said...

I'll see what I can do then, Stu - although of course I would only be doing it to make you like me!

Thank you, Robyn!

katney said...

Keep on. After all, consider the friends you have made online. Some are folks you might only just say hello with a nod as you pass on the street, but I see people interacting with you here in the blog and in Facebook comments who really care.

Leslie: said...

I think it's usually a "girl" thing - I know Lorne is so self-confident it drives me crazy sometimes. lol

ps: your word verification is hard! 4th try now...

nick said...

I don't think it matters two hoots why we're blogging or Facebooking. So what if we want approval or we want to boast? As long as I'm having fun and swopping ideas I don't care what my hidden motives are! I do try to be kind though. There's no need to insult people just to prove something or other.

I don't think I want approval but I do want to be liked....

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

But don't we all blog just because we want worldwide adoration ?

Liz Hinds said...

Oh yes, i will, katney. I was just having a wobble!

Possibly it is a girl thing, leslie. Sorry about the word verifier!

Yes, i'd agree, nick, that approval isn't necessary but being liked is nice.

Dang, you've got us sussed, sonata!

Shirley Davis said...

If there was anything wrong with your blog, I don't think it/you would still be here for me to re-follow, Liz. I was one of the earlier readers before your page became all posh, before we all migrated to Twitterville and Facebookland, loads of other Internetspaces.

I am the same, always doubting my value. It drives DH mad. He has no need for approval - a true Northern take me as I am man.

PS I have exciting news for April - will be in touch!