Thursday, October 03, 2013

No to violence against women

So after 8 years I've changed the template of my blog!

It wasn't entirely deliberate but having messed the original up so much that it looked ungainly I thought I might as well go for a complete makeover. 

And it seems to have worked okay, unlike my efforts with Not another wannabe writer where, try as I might, I cannot make the Comments option appear. It has been a very frustrating afternoon/evening.

Not helped by the smells coming from the kitchen where Husband has been making chilli jam and tomato and chilli chutney. A bumper crop of chillies again this year.

And I'll mention here that I'm saying No for November.
November is NaNoWriMo - national novel writing month - and I'm taking part again. It happens to coincide with an initiative to support Beyond the Streets: say no to exploitation of and sexual violence against women. NOvember is fund-raising to help find routes out of prostitution for women.

So I'm saying no to solitaire (and freecell) for November to free up time to write my novel! 

Could you say no to something to raise money for this cause?

P.S. Having been unable to correct the settings I've changed the template of my other blog and now comments can be made.


Leslie: said...

I quite like this "look" for your blog, Liz. And Pecorino is rather sweet - whose is he? Good luck in the novel writing for November.

Liz said...

He belongs to Younger Son's best man.

katney said...

Okay, I went to look and saw the comment form and made a comment which now seems rather inane.

Remember that you can ask me these kinds of problems. Just got back from Google. No, really. And the stuff that I don't know how to fix--which is lots of stuff--I know who to ask.

Robyn Lee said...

I like your new look blog, Liz. Nice work! I'd say no to chocolate but that's been current for some time now...same with red wine.

So...Facebook? Hmm,I really need that for various notifications. I shall have to give this some serious thought. Will let you know...

Stu said...

Liz, could you make the font bigger please?
It is hard for my old eyes when so small.

Rose said...

I like the new look! I really need to update my own blog, but I'm afraid I'll mess something up and it will take forever to undo. There are many things that I waste my time on that would certainly free up more time for me...but not sure I could give them up for a whole month:) Good luck with the writing!

Liz said...

Thanks, katney.

Thought of anything yet, Robyn?

It looks very big to me, stu.

Thanks, rose. It was very scary especially when everything started going wrong.

Stu said...

Just FYI, the text of MY blog are set to 16px and the links etc are set to 11px.
Line spacing is set to 150%

Liz said...

I'll have a look at my settings, stu.