Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Does the term old crock spring to mind?

I currently bear a painfully striking resemblance to an old crock. (Crockery must have affected my brain too as I am looking at 'bear' and wondering, 'should it be bare'? No, surely not.)

I was fine yesterday - until I began tossing around 12 kg kettle bells. I was bending my legs properly too. Just like this. (I wish.)

Ah well, at least it's taken my mind off my bad foot. (Much much better now incidentally, than you for asking.)


nick said...

That reminds me why I never go to a gym - I might injure myself.

Robyn Lee said...

My daughter does mad things like that. Me? I have much more sense...

Hope your back comes right quickly. There's nothing worse than back ache.

Liz said...

I'm normally fine, nick. I think I just over-estimated my strength!

It's getting better, robyn, with lots of deep heat massages from husband!