Thursday, October 03, 2013

Curse you, Blogger!

Oh dear. In attempting to update my blog - mainly to shorten the huge archive list - I seem to have lost all my links.

If you're missing from my 'Blogs I like' list it's not - necessarily - because I've deleted you. In fact it's highly unlikely that I've deleted you. I will try and work through old comments and trace the missing links but it may take some time. I will need lots of cups of tea to get through this.

You see, this is why I didn't update my blog before. For years Blogger has been suggesting I do it but it adds that you 'may lose some of your previous changes'. That's what's put me off. The reassurance that 'you can always revert to the original' didn't convince me - and I was right to be distrustful as it's proved to be.

Me and technical don't really go together.

This is all part of my new social media marketing scheme. And already it shows signs of being a huge success, don't you think?


katney said...

Sometimes it depends on how you do it. And ALWAYS do a backup before you change anything.

Been hobnobbing with Googlers and other bloggers here in Silicon Valley. Sometimes what we tell them Bloggers want just doesn't mesh with what the geeks think should happen.

Liz said...

Writing in clear English would help,, katney! I tried several sites to find out how to change my archive and didn't understand any of them!

nick said...

My motto is definitely If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I've never attempted to update or modernise my blog for fear of all the dreadful technical glitches that are bound to result.

Liz said...

Nor me, nick, until now!

Katney, you don't happen to have any ideas why the comments thing isn't visible on my new blog have you?
Everything seems to be set okay and it's driving me mad!

katney said...

Liz, if you had left it as it was till I got home and could have a look I might have had an idea. We should have a discussion about it by e-mail--I don't remember, do I not receive your e-mails or is it you don't receive mine. I need to e-mail you about something else, anyway. I will try and if you don't get it it's you don't receive mine. But if it's I don't receive yours I won't know anyway.