Saturday, September 21, 2013

Not forgetting the dolphins!

Cardigan Bay has the second largest population of bottlenose dolphins in Europe and most days (in summer) they can be seen from the harbour wall in New Quay. 

We'd been scanning the sea eagerly each day we'd been walking but up until Thursday the sea was way too choppy. Every white horse and black buoy was a potential dolphin or seal and I'd resigned myself to not seeing any but then we went to New Quay on a relatively calm day. 

It's hard to take a photo or film something when you're jumping up and down and squeaking excitedly. (Strangely enough I seemed to be the only person on the harbour wall thus affected ) Even when I handed the camera over to Husband he didn't do much better so this isn't Cecil B de Mille. 


Leslie: said...


Furtheron said...

Son-of-furtheron used to see them often when in Aberystwyth but could never get a good photo.

Robyn Lee said...

How exciting for you. I love seeing them surfing down the breakers as they do here.

Liz said...

It was, leslie!

That makes me feel better, Furtheron, if such a good photographer as S-o-F couldn't get a good shot.

It was so unexpected, robyn, made it even better.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Wonderful !
You weren't tempted to jump in and swim with them , then ?

Liz said...

Um, no, sonata. We settled for eating chips instead,