Friday, August 23, 2013

The best bit

When I wrote about Zac's I got distracted with all that went wrong and forgot to tell you about the best bit.

Before the study began the wanderer was abusive and threatening to at least one of the regulars and I was fearful that if he continued I would have to ask him to leave (you know what a toughie I am). Fortunately once we started, although he continued to roam, he was quieter and less foul-mouthed and even offered to read the bible passage.

It wasn't a very long one but it took him some time but he made it to the end - and all the wonderful Zaccers gave him a clap and said, 'Well done, mate.'

They are so wonderful. 

* * * * * * * * * 
And yesterday I delivered the first of the Moses baskets to needy soon-to-be-mums. I was so excited you'd have thought I was delivering the baby.

Both young women were very grateful and made small donations to Zac's (the midwives had suggested that to them).

And I am so grateful to the mums who've donated the baskets and other equipment and the people who've generously given money for mattresses and an emergency fund.


Ursula said...

I love Moses baskets. Bought one twenty two years ago. Unfortunately no sooner had the Angel emerged he'd outgrown it. He is tall to this day.

Still, it did come useful for all his soft toys as they assembled over the years. I am sure they loved having their own little haven.


Liz said...

They didn't seem so popular when my children were babies, Ursula; they went straight into a cot. Shame because Moses baskets are so cute!