Saturday, August 17, 2013

Talk to the hand cos the face ain't listening

I'm making another Malteser cheesecake this weekend and I learned my lesson last week.

Now 1 large box gives you 360g and costs 10p less than 3 small boxes that also give you 360g. But 360g, as I discovered last week isn't quite enough; I need about 400g.

To my way of thinking I therefore need 2 large boxes because it is cheaper proportionally that way. 


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It struck me the other morning - yesterday I do believe - that I need to be more like a trampoline.

When things - words - are thrown at me I need to boiiing them straight back and not absorb them like a sponge. 

Trouble is I never think of an answer until 2 o'clock the following morning. So I need a plan.

A cunning plan, as Baldrick was fond of saying.

Other trouble is that the people who are saying things don't actually listen. (Or maybe it's just me they don't listen to.) So perhaps the answer is just to say, 'Shut up.' But you and I both know I won't do that. We know that I will struggle to get a word in edgeways and if I do manage it will get my words mixed up and end up making as much sense as a half-witted turnip.

Oh fol di rol.


nick said...

People are not very good at listening. Quite often they pretend to be listening but really all they want to do is tell you more about themselves.

Liz said...

Very true, nick.

Furtheron said...

Listening is hard work and many don't bother. if I'm on an interview panel by the end of the day I'm so tired but when you sum up often my colleagues don't seem to have heard what I have.

nick said...

Furtheron is right. Serious listening is hard work.

Rose said...

I like the trampoline suggestion--wish I could follow that idea, too.

Speaking of cheesecake, my friend and I took a short trip this week and spied an unusual item on the restaurant dessert menu--deep-fried cheesecake! Sounds awful, but we had to try it--so scrumptious we almost made ourselves sick eating it all:)

Liz said...

Nick, Furtheron, the person i'm particularly thinking about is trying to persuade me round to his way of thinking - and it's not going to happen. He has no intention of listening to me!

It does sound hideous, rose, but i'll believe you!

Ole Phat Stu said...

10 large boxes give you 3600 gr, which is exactly enough for 9 cakes. Assuming we can trust you not to nibble some of the Maltesers while baking the cakes.

Which we can't.

So buy 2 boxes, make 1 cake and nibble the rest :-)