Sunday, August 04, 2013

First Sunday at Zac's

Where to begin? At the beginning maybe.

Problem 1
We normally meet on a Sunday in the hall rather than the coffee bar but the roof has started leaking and the hall is sopping so we had to stay in our usual Tuesday setting, which would have been fine if it hadn't been for:
Problem 2
For our initial Sunday gatherings we're focusing each time on one of the commissioned art works on the beatitudes. All the artwork is displayed in the hall and not easy to take off the wall so we couldn't use it this week.
Problem 3
I took a cd with me that included the song Calon Lan (which I thought meant pure heart and appropriate as our theme was blessed are the pure in heart) but when we tried to get the cd player to work the volume knob came off in Mog's hand - when the volume was on extra loud. So we couldn't use that either.
Problem 4
Instead I talked about the hymn and asked Mog, who is a Welsh speaker, to tell us what the lyrics meant, which wasn't pure heart. So that wasn't really a problem but, well, you know, a 'bother!' moment.

The good bit
The time we shared together. Lots of people contributed: Andy brought some artwork that he talked us through, Marcus read some lovely writing he'd done on the topic, Tina played her sax and Ric sang a song based on psalm 51, all about 'create in me a pure heart'. We also did some communal singing! Of This Little Light of Mine, not quite up to Springsteen style but I enjoyed myself.

The bad bits
1. A discussion with someone beforehand that left me out of sorts.
2. Another discussion with others after that left me out of sorts.

I got home and sat down to eat my dinner of beans on toast - I really need to go to Sainsburys soon - and, for once, they got cold, because I was so busy pouring out to Husband all my woes.

Never mind, my troubles will seem small in comparison with those of The White Queen on BBC at 9.00 pm. And the chocolate will help too.

P.S. Monday afternoon: Have just researched Calon Lan and every site I've checked says it means pure heart - so at least one of us is wrong!

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