Friday, August 09, 2013

Fighting memory loss

Yesterday morning Husband read an article saying that cocoa, because of its flavanol, helps blood flow to the brain and thus possibly improves memory and fights dementia. 'I'll start drinking a cup at night,' he said as he got the tin out of the pantry to remind him.

He forgot. 

A bit catch-22-ish.

And, speaking of memory, I can't remember what else I was going to write. I'd thought of 2 unrelated topics to include in one post. No good, can't remember, but tell me, have you ever managed to cook crispy beef?

I bought a pack, a combined powder and sauce set, and gave it a go tonight. I don't know, I think I imagined that the powder contained some secret ingredient that would actually make the beef crispy. It didn't. I think the answer is deep very very very hot fat. Which would scare me silly.

Oh, yes, I remember! The problem with doing my exercise dvd every day is that I think it entitles me to eat a whole bag of Crunchie Bites. 
Whoops! I mean Crunchie Rocks. Currently on special offer in a well-known supermarket for £1.

Which brings me back nicely to cocoa. Apparently the benefits of eating chocolate for its flavanol are outnumbered by all the reasons why (too much) chocolate is not good for you. Sadly.


katney said...

When I go to coffee, I have cocoa since I don't drink coffee.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Yes , but cocoa is just much nicer than B12 tablets . And 70% bitter chocolate is even nicer , not to mention chocolate muffins or Elizabeth David's chocolate mousse ....
Sorry , what were we talking about ?

Liz said...

I have tea as i don't like cocoa, katney.

I've no idea, sonata, but chocolate muffins sound nice.