Saturday, August 31, 2013

Family time

Elder Son, Daughter-in-law, GrandSon1, Daughter, Son-in-law, GrandDaughter and GrandSon2 were all here to welcome  Younger Son and Nuora home from their 3 months in SE Asia. The babies helped paint the banner to greet them and didn't they do well?

During the week we've been treated to an Italian feast by Elder Son, a plethora of pizza thanks to Daughter, and here we are sitting down to enjoy a SE Asian selection courtesy of Younger Son and Nuora. It includes some of the dishes they learned while cooking with Poo in Thailand and on a cookery course in Vietnam. And very delicious it all was. As were all the wonderful meals our children produced.

A kind gentleman saw Husband struggling to balance the camera on the pushchair and offered to take our photo for us on the beach at the pier. 

We rounded off the week with a trip to Verdi's (again). GrandSon1 really really enjoyed  his ice cream.


Leslie: said...

Oh my gosh, that family photo is sure a keeper! Get it framed! You all look so so so happy.

Liz said...

Thanks, Leslie. We've had a great week. x

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