Thursday, August 01, 2013

A post for car geeks

We're practising being proper pensioners so we went for another little outing today, this time to the National Botanic Gardens of Wales. I've loads of photos that I'll need to sort through and I'll post later but I had to tell you about the 'conversation' (in '' because a conversation suggests 2 people actively participating) Husband and I had in the car on the way there.

'That can't be a W,' Husband says.
I am alert to Husband's foibles so I knew he was talking about the registration mark of an MGBGT that had pulled out a car or two in front of us.
'Oh,' says I. I don't need to say any more; I know he will explain.
'In 1973 they changed the design for the American market. To get in line with emission regulations they raised the bumper and really ruined the car.'
'And W is 1980.'
'How on earth do you know that?'
'Because Brian's V and he's 1979.'
'Although I don't know when they stopped making them. Oh, wait, he's changed the bumper. You can see it's still high.'

So that little mystery for resolved and we can all sleep well tonight.


Furtheron said...

I don't disagree that they ruined it with the new bumper. I'm trying to visualize how a new one would look like with am old bumper at the wrong height ...

Liz said...

Even before I looked I knew this comment would be from you, Furtheron!

Furtheron said...


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hilarious ,, you two remind me of a programme ,, George and ?? cannot think of her name but can see her ,,

Liz said...