Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Well done Swansea

When I returned home from work yesterday afternoon Husband told me all about his morning - such a treat!

After walking George it seems he spent most of his time on the telephone to the local council querying his rights regarding a neighbour's over-hanging tree (see next post), complaining about over-hanging branches on our drive cum footpath right of way, and mentioning that our other neighbours, the Bible College, haven't been trimming their hedges.

He had to speak to about 4 different departments but he said they were all polite and helpful. Regarding the footpath he was told they'd have to check and would ring back. 

By 2.00 pm there was a man knocking on our door: he'd come to inspect the problem.
By 3.00 pm the hedges owned by the Bible College were being trimmed.

It must have been a very quiet day in the Parks/Highways/Environment departments but we are impressed and grateful. All too often we have cause to complain about local authorities but on this occasion we can say, 'Well done, Swansea city council!'

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