Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DIY brain surgery

Trying to second-guess agents/publishers is like attempting DIY brain surgery: you just get your head in a mess.

They've had my manuscript a long time so that must be a good sign.
No, it means the person who should be reading it is on holiday or the pile is so huge it'll be another 6 months.
But IF they've read it and they didn't like it then they'd reply soon.
But if they read it and liked it they'd reply soon.
Unless it has to be read by someone else first.
Perhaps it never reached them. Maybe I should email and check. 
But the last time I did that I received a rejection very soon afterwards - as if I'd jinxed it. So I won't query.
But if they haven't received it ...

Most likely answer I tell myself is that it's in a pile waiting to be read. And that means I still have hope. And then I tell myself not to get my hopes up because I'm sure to be disappointed. So I tell myself the rejection is in in the post.

But secretly - as if I'm fooling anybody - I hang on to hope.

And I'm about to begin sending off novel 3 too. Are all wannabe authors masochists?


Stu said...

Generally it means they have a BIG pile of incoming manuscripts, so you have more competition :-(

Rose said...

It's so hard to wait...but let's hope no news means good news!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You're quite right to carry on being positive .
Good Luck !!

Liz said...

When they tell you how many they receive and how many they accept, stu, it makes me wonder why I even try!

I hope so, rose, but i'm trying not to hope too much.

I can't help it, sonata, though I do try not to hope too much!