Saturday, June 15, 2013

A week gone already

And I've not blogged. I'd like to say it's because I lead such an exciting life but in truth nothing exciting's happened.

Let's think. Monday work. On the plus side I didn't get locked out, find ants in my tea-pot or break anything. And I didn't die during one of the hardest circuits we've endured for a long time, not helped by the fact that there were only three of us so it was practically personal training. When I first started going along we'd do an exercise for maybe 40 seconds - actually I think it was 30 in the very beginning - followed by a breather of 15 seconds; now we do 1.5 minutes with no breather.

Tuesday, great start, discovering I'd lost 2.5 lb. I'd had a good week and am trying to get my weight - or more particularly my eating - under control again. Exercise, after weigh-in and the motivational chat, was almost as hard-going as the previous night, made worse by the heat and the speed and the fact that I was already aching.

Leading the study in Zac's so went home after slimming and made a Black Forest gateau (a birthday cake for Nigel) and finished preparing the study. (Yes, I do prepare, unbelievable as that may seem to people who attend.)

For once it was a quiet and small group, and the study went well. It was an easier topic - what sort of fruit are we producing?- than we've been dealing with recently (love your enemies and not being judgemental) and I wanted it to be very affirming, which I think it was - until ... there always has to be an until in Zac's.

One gentleman - no, man - decided it would be appropriate to give something that should have remained private a public airing. I couldn't make myself heard over the resulting rumpus to bring it to a halt until Kay yelled at everyone to shut up. He scuttled off at the end and, apparently, still seems to think that he did us a service. Afterwards it was a shame that discussion of the rumpus replaced what should have been more encouragement and affirmation leaving a slightly sour taste. Even the deliciousness of the cake didn't altogether wipe out the memory.

Wednesday and Thursday in Devon looking after grandchildren. Thursday morning GrandDaughter goes to pre-school so we take Grandson2 to singing at the library. Nowhere is the difference between boys and girls - at least in our family - more noticeable. GrandDaughter would sit, join in the action songs, look at books; GrandSon2 wanders around, stares at people, escapes while looking at me with a naughty smile on his face. 'Look what I'm doing! Are you going to chase me?'

Then it was swimming in the afternoon. I don't know how well the children slept that night but Husband and I were out for the count.

Work on Friday then today a start on all the cleaning I put off while the sun shone with just a short break to listen to the Lions rugby game. Oh and blog. 

See? Busy, fun, enjoyable, but not exciting. In fact the most exciting thing was when I thought George had eaten the chopped chillies I'd left out in the kitchen. Sadly - because it might have taught him a lesson - he left those and instead ate the mound of grated raw courgette I'd prepared for my crab and courgette linguine. I despair of my dog.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

The difference with my grandsons and granddaughters is that the girls are a handful , and talk so much and moody when they don't get there own way ..!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Also I wondered where you had disappeared too, was looking out for a new blog post ,, like to read your weekly snippets ;-)

Leslie: said...

Having grown up in a family of girls and only having girls myself, it was a shock to get a grandson - first! He never stopped! Always on the move! Then I got a granddaughter and all was well...except that she tended to imitate her big brother! lol Now she's 5 and is becoming more of a girl. thank goodness! :D But I love them both to the moon and back!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Elder Grandson could talk you to death and his little brother's only aim is to be exactly like him , in every possible way . So I'm not sure a grandaughter would get a word in edgeways !
I do envy you seeing your grandchildren so often . It must be lovely .

Liz said...

Thanks, anne.

Even though they get the same care boys react differently to girls. Try and sit the grandsons down with a story and they're up and away before you can blink, while granddaughter will sit for hours listening.

I would love to see them even more, sonata! I'm greedy!