Tuesday, June 25, 2013

35 years but who's counting?

It was our 35th wedding anniversary yesterday. Husband and I exchange 'happy anniversary' greetings and that's it normally but I mentioned it on Facebook and had the most Likes and comments ever, lots of people saying  'have a good day.' So it made me think and I said to Husband, 'Perhaps we should go out for a meal tonight.'
'We can't: we've got circuit training!' he said, sounding appalled. 

Remind me again why I love him.

I'm surprised he hasn't come up with the 'we don't need a special day to celebrate as every day I spend with you is a celebration,' excuse. 


Furtheron said...

Congrats - sorry I missed it on Facebook - I'll be there with a like forthwith... you love him for countless reasons I'm sure, including his relaxed attitude to celebration... he is a braver man than I however that is a fact! :-)

nick said...

We don't take much notice of wedding anniversaries, but we always remember the date we first met which somehow seems a lot more significant.