Monday, April 29, 2013

The end of the line-r

I came home from work on Friday to discover that someone had stolen our pool and left a dirty great hole in its place! (George is seen here sniffing for clues.)

The liner has needed replacing for a few years now but Husband put it off for as long as he could knowing it would be expensive - it is! But it has to be done. And we're in good company: apparently Alun Wyn Jones, Welsh rugby international, also had his liner replaced last week.

The spare bedroom also had to be revamped. Here it is, beautifully decorated and empty.
It's now full of Younger Son and Nuora's possessions. They only had a tiny flat in Paignton but they seem to have brought home a tardis load of goods. Most have gone in the attic or garage, thankfully. I had visions of opening the front door to greet people around a washing machine and fridge.


Leslie: said...

Are YS & N using it as storage or have they moved in? Looks a lovely room. You're in good company re the pool

Liz said...

They've moved in, leslie. But next week they're off to Thailand and thereabouts for 3 months.