Friday, April 12, 2013

George, some mushrooms and the foxes

George stole and ate some raw mushrooms the other day. He didn't notice the lamb chops I'd left out as well. That's my boy.

He is really rather good these days. No, seriously, he is. Apart from the odd food frenzy. A couple we often see walking in the woods bring their left-over bread to throw into the trees for the foxes. George has worked out their usual place - they always throw it in the same place so the foxes will know where to look - and makes a beeline for it every time we pass. Husband has to yell sternly to make him desist in his pursuit of food. The first time he did it - we didn't know though we guessed food or something no-one but George would consider edible would be involved - he was gone for ages. We'd walked on a long distance and resorted to hiding behind a tree while waiting for him to catch up. The lick-lipping he was doing when he finally found us was the real give-away.

Meanwhile the couple think it's the foxes who are devouring their offering gratefully. Husband doesn't like to disillusion them.


Rose said...

I'm sure George is just trying to make the couple feel good--he doesn't want them to come back and see all that moldy bread and be disappointed that the foxes didn't like their offerings:)

Sorry it's been so long since I've been around--I've been off visiting Daughter, and my computer has been acting up when I do get a chance to read blogs. Sorry to hear about your second novel, but don't give up!

katney said...

Our dog of late memory loved bread as well. She did not search it out in the woods, but took the whole unsliced loaf from the counter while it was cooling.

You would think her humans would learn.

Ole Phat Stu said...

There have been cases here in Germany of dog-haters killing dogs because they didn't like them crapping in the park (and the owners not clearing the dogshit away).

Case 1 had balls of dog food containing razor-blades, case 2 containing rat-poison :-(

Folks, do NOT let your dog eat anything he finds outdoors!

Liz said...

Always good to see you, rose.

Humans are slow at learning George finds, katney.

Easier said than done, stu.