Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Books for free!

I was ridiculously excited when I went to the library yesterday and found them giving away free books!
There was a choice of four different titles plus I got a bag, ball (?), torch key-ring and a teeny weeny notebook and pencil.

Apparently yesterday, Shakespeare's birth/death day, was World Book Night. I just googled it and found that the initiative is to encourage people who don't usually read, so having a stall outside the library seems a bit back to front. Although the library is in County Hall where people go for all manner of reasons, such as collecting extra recycling bags, picking up bus passes and all other manner of council business, so I suppose it could reach some of its intended audience.

I feel a bit guilty now though. Perhaps they should have:
a) publicised it more;
b) not given them to people holding library cards.


CherryPie said...

That looks very much like a stress ball to me ;-)

If it feels good to squeeze it is :-)

Liz said...

That would explain why it didn't bounce very well, cherrypie!