Friday, March 01, 2013

It's just plain rude!

I was talking to an acquaintance today about the rudeness of people, in particular those who talk while others are speaking, particularly in classes we attend where participants insist on jabbering away while the instructor is trying to tell us what to do. As my friend said, 'It's just rude.'

But how often do we speak up about rudeness?

I recounted to her a recent experience of mine. I was queuing at a stall at the local farmers' market in that uncertain haphazard way of informal queues. The market is, on the whole, attended by young upwardly mobile couples, with or without children. They're the only ones who can afford the real price of good food. Anyway, I digress.

An older woman made her way to the front and stood next to another woman of a similar age. I huffed a bit but gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed she was with the other woman. She wasn't.

And as soon as that woman had finished, our pusher-inner began to place her order. To make it worse she dithered and asked lots of questions, and even began comparing her oven to that of the producer. And all the time I was standing there quietly fuming. Mostly at myself it has to be said.

Why on earth didn't I say something? As soon as it became obvious that she was, in fact, pushing in, why didn't I say politely, 'Excuse me but there is a queue.'

I'm a grown woman for goodness' sake! I'm 60! What stopped me? 

I resolved that it will not happen again. Next time I will speak up. 

Maybe ...


Leslie: said...

I think I'd have hesitated, too, thinking she was a friend of the other old lady. But then when I realized she was taking advantage, I'd have moved forward and told her to mind the queue! I'm getting old, too, and no one lets me in front! Whew!!!

Nick said...

I know the feeling. I've been equally reluctant to protest at queue-jumpers (and I'm even older!). I'm not really sure why. I suppose I expect a self-righteous earful in return so I opt for the quiet life.

Furtheron said...

Last Saturday was the swimming club annual presentation evening. As ever there was a raffle to raise money - we joked that we'd not win as we rarely ever do - then 312 - on my strip!! I'd spotted a Kit Kat Easter Egg that we'd share...

I wonder up - the winner before is picking a prize. Another number is called, suddenly a woman has barged past me and is shouting "I want the bubbly to drink" I let it go and hat the Egg but frankly like you I should have said "Stay in line, and frankly you don't need any more alcohol"... but that would be a little bit pot calling kettle black.

Liz said...

I must emulate you, leslie!

Which would be all right if I didn't give myself an earful, nick!

Is it a very British thing, furtheron?

sally in norfolk said...

I had no idea just how rude people could be till i started working on the checkouts at Tesco.... and i cannot answer them back so i have a sore mouth where i keep biting my tongue :-)