Friday, March 15, 2013

Banana in pyjamas

They were having a special morning in pre-school. The children were to go dressed in pyjamas, they'd have breakfast together and then the tooth lady would come and tell them all about tooth care. Parents and carers, similarly dressed, were invited to join them.

Daughter had a lot of work to do - which is why we were down in Devon - so she asked if I'd go with GrandDaughter. 'Only she might feel left out if all the other children have grown-ups with them.'

Guess what? Yes, you're right: I was the only adult visitor in pyjamas. 

There was a certain inevitability about that I think.


Leslie: said...

I think that is just awesome! Shows you're right in there with her and also shows the others parents they goofed up with their own kids! So there! lol

Rose said...

What a lovely photo! I bet granddaughter was thrilled to have her Nana in pj's, too.

Trubes said...

Well done Liz...
Lucky little girl to have such a sporting Grandma.


Liz said...

I enjoyed it, leslie.

She was happy with me,rose.

I couldn't believe more mums/nans didn't, trubes.