Thursday, February 28, 2013

Some of my favourite things

My favourite ice cream. In Rome, from La Dolce Vita in Via Cavour (conveniently just across the road from our hotel - although Husband kept repeating GrandDaughter's mantra: just one a day.)
 My favourite starter. Or one of them. Vegetable antipasti from Cafe Royal opposite the Colosseum in Rome.

My favourite thing in Rome. The ceiling of the 130 metre long Gallery of Maps in the Vatican museum. Although seeing the finger God man thing on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (no photos allowed) was pretty special too.
My favourite thing in Venice. The Grand Canal.

And crossing the lagoon to the isle of Burano.

The prettily coloured houses on the lace-making island of Burano.

My favourite main course. Tagliatelle with prawns, clams and courgette in La Porta D'Acqua in Venice.

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