Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm making a list ...

and checking it twice.

I have a young friend who is about to set off for 10 months travelling through India, Malaysia and China. He is packing 4 pairs of pants and 4 pairs of socks.

I am going to Italy for 8 days. If there should be an underwear emergency while I am there I will have enough knickers to supply the adult female population of Rome.With some to spare.

I like to be prepared.

So I have t-shirts in case it's hot or to wear layered below several jumpers if, as is more likely, it's cold. I have said jumpers plus cardis in case, plus a couple of respectable tops to wear to restaurants. I have a mac, woolly hat, gloves, scarf (2 - one woolly and 1 smart). I also have a red Wales hoodie and, of course, my daffodil hat.

And still I rummage through my wardrobe, finding tops I haven't worn for years and thinking, 'I wonder if I should take that, just in case.' Just in case of what is anybody's guess.


Leslie: said...

You sound like me...when we came over last summer, I had to pack very carefully because I used a small suitcase instead of my big one. We had to travel on the train and lug our cases ourselves. I ended up throwing stuff out when I bought new things so I could fit it all in coming home!

katney said...

Leslie, when we went we each took a small bag and took a larger one between us. We had to hassle that back. Do you know why we had to have that bag? Because our trekking poles would not fit in the carryons.

Duh. Do they not sell trekking poles in outdoor shops in the UK? Did our guide not have a whole supply under the middle seat of the van?

Liz, I am in the same quandry, but we are only driving to California. I want to learn from the trekking pole experience and only take the carryon. But we are driving--just the two of us--and have no shortage of space. And we will be gone just over a week. I don't know if I can even get my shoes in the carryon.

I do know that cookies for my grandson will definitely be going.

katney said...

We had to hassle with that bag.


Shirley Davis said...

Hi Liz - my main tip is 'colour coordination' and 'don't need as many meds etc as me' - plus am concerned jeans/trousers/skirts not mentioned! Have a great time xx

nick said...

Are you sure you've packed enough knickers??

I always pack the bare minimum and rely on being able to wash things out when necessary. Even on a four-week trip to Oz, I only took a tiny suitcase of clothes, and I got by okay. Of course women do need a few extra options....

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Nothing like being prepared!

Liz said...

Luckily I will have Mike to lug suitcases, leslie, otherwise I might have to rethink!

A car is wonderful, katney. You can throw so much stuff in! Just in case. Cookies are a must.

I think I'll be sort of colour-co-ordinated, shirl. Mostly black! Hides the dirt.

It's not knowing how warm'cold it will be that is the main problem, nick.

I think so, welshcakes.