Friday, February 15, 2013

"I haven't had a period for three years but ...

I had one last month." 

Not the sort of comment you get from your 'congregation' during most bible studies. Especially as it had no relevance to anything whatsoever. Sometimes there's just nothing you can say. So it's a good job Kay is there. Kay can always find something to say, in this case, go and see the doctor. 

So that sorted we move on. 

It was that sort of evening really. Beginning with a rip-roaring rendition of Delilah and ending with me feeding mouldy bread to a guest. Inadvertently of course. (She didn't notice - and, in fact, asked for more.) And in between being asked, 'Haven't I seen you in prison?'

All that aside, it was a special night with a number of people opening up and being very honest about painful subjects. It's God turning up and hearts responding that make Zac's such a special place.


Leslie: said...

Sometimes all you can say is, "TMI." And move

Retired English Teacher said...

That truly was TMI.

Anonymous said...

Or had she had 4 children one after another? After all, this IS Zac's :-(

Liz said...

I was speechless, leslie.

I think so, RET.

More likely her eating disorders playing havoc, anonymous.