Friday, January 18, 2013

How organised am I?

On Tuesday I did an on-line shop at Sainsburys to be delivered today after work, meaning I could come home from work and relax instead of battling with rush hour traffic.

Which would have been more impressive if I hadn't managed to order 3 packets of bacon and a solitary banana.

Then, with my spare time this afternoon, as the pantry was looking ready to tip its contents on to the floor - even without today's food order - I decided to sort it out.

I tend to be a bit disorganised when going shopping. (You? Surely not?) And I don't look in the pantry before going but get to the shop and think, 'I'm sure we've got plenty of that,' or 'I'd better get that in case we're out.'

So if there's a world shortage of dessicated coconut in the next few weeks and you're in dire need, you know where to come.

In the meantime, what can I make that involves lots of bacon and coconut?


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Apricot and Coconut Bread*.... ( one of those Dump It All Into A Bowl And Stir recipes .... it's really rather good .( Bet the one thing you don't have is dried apricots , though !)
* recipe on a blog called something like Ladies , bring a plate

Liz said...

I do have apricots as it happens, sonata, and not too out of date either.