Wednesday, January 02, 2013


I can't think of Arsenal without remembering Eric Morecambe and his famous catchphrase (Arsenal) so I must try hard not to copy it when I attend my very first professional football match on Sunday. Swansea play Arsenal in Liberty Stadium in the FA cup and, on the spur of the moment, I thought I'd like to go and watch the game.

I imagined it would be impossible to get tickets but I visited the website today and bought them without any hassle at all. I keep checking the email to make sure I have actually bought the right tickets for the right game as it seemed far too easy.

So I'm off to my first footie game and I am a trifle anxious as football fans aren't the same as rugby fans. For a start no alcohol is allowed to be sold in the stadium during football games - because some football fans are notoriously prone to violence - whereas it's an essential part of a rugby fixture. In a rugby match you're quite likely to find yourself sitting next to a supporter of the opposing team with whom there will be general good-humoured banter; in football I believe opposition fans are herded into separate sections of the ground. So this will be a new experience for me, my first of 2013.

I'll get to see the famous Michu - note: must find out how to pronounce his name so as not to appear complete novice. Ooh, just googled his name. He's rather nice, isn't he?

And, as Husband as pointed out, Arsenal fans can't possibly be as threatening as team parents when we used to watch our boys play.


Furtheron said...

It'll be fine...

Only a couple of times did I ever feel threatened when I was a season ticket holder and follower of Gillingham... Actually both at home and both when we played Millwall. There are a lot of Millwall fans live around Medway as their families moved out of London in the 60s and 70s... therefore away fans easily buy tickets in the home areas and I've seen aggression rather than actual violence, normally quickly dealt with my stewards demanding the fan move from the stand. The other one was when confronted by a group on their way to the match inside a pub - again spitting aggression rather than violence.

But you will find the atmosphere considerably different from rugby - less jovial, less interest in the game and more a simple lust for the victory at whatever cost almost.

On others many times travelling to away games with opposing fans has been swapping stories of just how bad either side have been at various stages in their histories!

Liz said...

I'm sure it will, furtheron. I remember Millwall's reputation!

Leslie: said...

I went to many "football" (we call them "soccer") games when I was young because my Dad was a referee. He actually was a local hero for his younger days on the St. Andrews team here and then went on to do refereeing and was also the Commissioner for one region of the province, too. He is now in the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame in Vancouver. Anyhoo, the games are really exciting and fast moving so there's lots of cheering and booing going on. I have even seen fans rush the fields - if that happens DO NOT join them as the fists come out! LOL Enjoy the game and let us know all about it.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

You are MAD :-) and to go and watch a match with Welsh and English team playing each other , CRAZY.. of course I would have to support Arsenal .. not because I am a footie fan at all, because my eldest son supports them and he is SCOTTISH LOL LOL Yes you will only be sitting next to the same team supporter .. I don't like my eldest son going to a match, not that he does much, but would rather he didn't. Good luck and Enjoy.

I think Michu .. is pronounced Mishu , not 100% though.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Ooops that should of read "My Eldest GRANDSON" supports them, not my son,

Liz said...

I'll take the camera and try and get some action shots, leslie! (ha ha!)

All the teams Swansea play are English, Anne! Younger Son supports Arsenal too.