Monday, November 05, 2012

The perfect Christmas present

For women of a certain age, mothers, aunts, friends.

And men too!
"There are many many elements of great humour within the book - a couple of embarrassing laugh out loud moments which draw the stares of my compatriots on the 7:20 to St Pancras." (Graham H)

"Haven't laughed so much in ages. This book is outrageously funny! Love it!" (Sue E)

"Have just finished reading what I would say was one of the funniest diary/journals I have read." (Fiona H)

You can buy it for the Kindle from Amazon,
in paperback from Lulu
or direct from me for £10 including post and packaging. Just email me.

If you're in Swansea it's available from Waterstone's in Oxford Street or Cover to Cover in Mumbles - and if I get my act together, from Uplands Bookshop too.

P.S. I'm reminded of someone who bought two copies for her sisters-in-law. 'It looks like the sort of thing they'd like'  - but not the sort of thing I'd like obviously. (She didn't say that; she didn't have to.)

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